Entradas por Patricia Rotsztain

why are one bedroom new condos for sale in Miami so rare?

      Have you noticed how rare it is to find a new (or modern) one bedroom condo for sale in Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, Aventura, Bal Harbor, Bay Harbor, and other areas of Miami? Most cities have construction codes that restrict the density (maximum number of units), but not the size of […]

Colombia top country searching for properties in Miami, guess who’s fourth

The real estate playground has been shaken and changed by the local situation of different international economies. Not too long ago, Brazilians were buying everywhere. But they have now dropped to the fifth place. Russians, who were also extremely active in the Miami real estate market did not even make the list this year. Who […]

If retail real estate is a dying field Aventura Mall, Sawgrass Mall and American Dream are very healthy “ghosts”

We all hear and read stories about how “retail is suffering” and how the Amazons of the world are killing the brick and mortar stores. Banks are shying away from financing strip malls and anything that has the word “retail” is looked at with a wrinkled forehead. As usual and as is true in most […]