First US Formula E electric car race in Miami


First US Formula E electric car race in Miami:

We already have Art Basel, Ultra Music Festival, the Boat Show, and now the first US Formula E electric car race in Miami. “Formula E will pioneer technology which will be used on normal road cars,” British entrepreneur Richard Branson, the Virgin Racing team owner, told a press conference before the race.

The formula E championship launched in Beijing in 2014 and Miami is the 5th city in the world to host this event. The winner of this  first US formula E electric car race in Miami was e.dams-Renault driver Nicolas Prost, a Frenchman and son of former Formula 1 great Alain Prost.

“Miami is like a cross between Latin America, Europe, and the United State. So I think to bring Formula E to Miami, to start in Miami, it’s a great match,” said Formula E  CEO Alejandro Agag.

What does the First US Formula E electric car race in Miami mean for the economy? Think Art Basel and the thousands of art lovers, collectors and dealers that flood Miami, stay in hotels, go to restaurants, and end up buying a high end condo to hang the last painting they seized at the event. Think boat show and the amount of wealthy boat fans that come to the area and add up blue sky, perfect weather and boating and decide to get a pie de terre in Miami. Think of the impact on employment and revenue. Now add car racing fans and you have so many reasons to be in Miami aside from the beautiful beaches, Latin flare, and emerging culture that there is no mystery about the hundreds of luxury towers being built in Miami to accommodate this new breed of Miami visitor, the wealthiest of the wealthiest in the world. What a change from the middle class family that drove down with the kids for a few days vacation in the sun in a beachside motel 20 years ago, or the retirees that wanted a tranquil place with nice weather to end their days… Miami has undergone the most amazing metamorphosis in urban history and transformed itself, like Cinderella, from a cute girl in rags to a glamorous queen. And if you want to be a part of this exciting world and buy a property in ever growing Miami contact us now, we know Miami and will love to see you live happily ever after

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