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First Boca Juniors Soccer Academy in Miami

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First Boca Juniors Soccer Academy Miami:

Argentina’s most famous soccer team, Boca Juniors, is opening its first soccer school in Miami, at Patricia Mishcon Park in North Miami Beach. Boca Juniors Soccer Academy Miami is the second one in the US. The first one opened a year ago in Long Island, New York.

The city of North Miami Beach unanimously approved the Boca Juniors Soccer Academy which will offer public sports and educational programs for kids 5 to 12 years old and professional soccer programs for kids 12 to 19.

“This will improve and bring something extra to our City. World level soccer is coming for the enjoyment of the community and that is most exciting and a great opportunity for our City”, said North Miami Beach Mayor George Vallejo. The City Administrator, Ana Garcia added “This partnership will be very beneficial for our families, our community, our youth, and the infrastructure of our Mishcon Park”

Daniel Rotsztain, from Soccer Development Group, is the Director of this project and you can hear him talking about this (in Spanish) in this radio interview

You maybe already wondering what is this article doing in a real estate news blog of a Miami real estate site. On top of being the proud sister of the mastermind behind this project, I am aware of the impact of this kind of project on the real estate development of the area. Soccer is becoming more and more popular with the huge and ever increasing Latin influence we’ve been experiencing in Miami in the past years. A large majority of the property buyers in Miami come from Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela). Soccer has become a trend not just among the Latin community but is now a passion with no boundaries that draws multitudes from different nationalities and backgrounds. This first Boca Juniors Soccer Academy in Miami will attract big numbers of soccer fans to the area and there will be a need for other services. We have seen this happen in Miami over and over: an anchor novelty development produces a domino effect of other complementary projects in the surroundings bringing progress and property values up. When we combine this with the new code changes in North Miami Beach and its current pro development philosophy it is a very conservative bet to expect the area to become very hot in the near future. There are already several new projects approved and an interesting masterplan in place. All these indicators added to the privileged geographical location of North Miami Beach and its excellent connectivity are fertile ground for real estate appreciation in the short run. Want to know more about how you can take advantage of this? Contact us at and call 786-251-9513 to find out more about properties for sale and great opportunities for development in hot and upcoming areas